NUA INCENSE AND OILS Commercial Model in Aurora, Colorado

DutiesPose and appear in web or television commercial wearing a bath robe,partially nude, or fully clothed with our bath and beauty products. Performother necessary duties. Abide by company policy and rules.SalaryNegotiable and will be discussed during Job Interview. Commercial Models earna monthly gross salary of $2,880. Commercial Models receive their monthlynet pay by direct deposit on their company issued debit card. They receivetheir monthly net pay on the first Friday of every month.QualificationsHigh School Diploma or G.E.D.1 yr of experience or prior training as a Commercial ModelMust be a U.S. CitizenRequirementsMust be available to work Sunday thru Friday or Monday thru FridayMust be available to work 24, 48, or 72 hrs per weekMust be able to perform work for position applied forMust perform work for position applied forMust have a valid and active Google Gmail AccountMust have an video interview on Google HangoutsMust have an interview in personMust be dressed business casual for job interview in personMust be on time for job interview in personMust present a valid U.S. Social Security CardMust present a valid State ID or Driver's License CardAdditional InformationEmployees are not required, scheduled, or permitted to work on Friday from6:00 pm to 12:00 am and Saturday from 12:00 am to 6:00 pm .After applicant has a video interview on Google Hangouts, applicant, willbe told, whether or not they'll have an interview in person with thehiring manager.Applicants who don't have an interview in person with the hiring manager arenot eligible or considered for employment with Nua Incense And Oils.Decision for applicant being hired is solely decided by hiring manager anddecision for being hired is not based on being qualified or meeting therequirements for this position.Applicants who have an interview in person with the hiring manager will beinformed by the hiring manager at the end of their interview whether or notthey're hired for the position or not.