KBI Biopharma IT Manager, Manufacturing Systems #292 in Boulder, Colorado

Job Summary:This position supports KBI Biopharma s overall manufacturing capability inall locations currently Durham, NC and Boulder, CO and possibly TheWoodlands, TX. Manufacturing systems include Unicorn, Historian and mostrecently BatchMaster which is used to create and schedule the optimalnumber of batch jobs required for a product formula and its multiple packagingconfigurations, based upon the aggregate demand for the given product.Responsibilities include overall project management of the implementation ofBatchMaster in the Durham and Boulder Quality and Manufacturing areas.Determine BatchMaster equipment needs in the manufacturing suites, and leadthe installation effort. Process mapping of the Durham and Boulder QualityRelease and MFG process to gain an understanding of how BatchMaster would fitinto the process and determine what changes would need to be made to useBatchMaster. Create training (SOPs, user guides, etc) and delivertraining via one-on-one or in a group. Would require on the floor training.Set up BatchMaster master data as necessary for MFG. Assist with issues andquestions after BatchMaster is implemented on the floor. Provide ongoingsupport of BatchMaster for future validation efforts, change controls,upgradesSuccessful candidate is required to travel to all KBI locations as needed tosupport manufacturing processes 50%.Job Description: BatchMaster this system has recently completed validation and isintegrated with our Great Plains accounting system. BatchMaster is the initialpriority for this role to achieve full deployment and utilization ofBatchMaster in support of our manufacturing processes as directed by ourSupply Chain leaders. Unicorn Control Software Optimize use of Unicorn across KBImanufacturing locations. UNICORN is the control system for real-time controlof protein purification unit operations (column packing, chromatographyand filtration) from laboratory bench, through development, tofull-scale production. UNICORN is used world-wide in over a thousandlaboratories and controls hundreds of process development and productionsystem Manufacturing Architecture Optimize use of Historian across KBImanufacturing locations. Historian from GE Digital (formerly ProficyHistorian) is a best-in-class, proven data management software with a15-year legacy and thousands of installs globally in every industry settingimaginable. Historian optimizes asset and plant performance through timeseries industrial data collection and aggregation. Manufacturing IT Architecture Optimize IT architecture to supportmanufacturing. The manufacturing IT architecture should contribute to theoverall KBI IT Architecture plan. By optimize we mean the efficient,and on-going improvements in efficiency, use of information technology tosupport our every changing manufacturing needs in support of KBI customersevolving business needs. Leadership & Administration as a Senior member of the KBI IT team youwill be expected to provide leadership across locations. A key element of thisleadership is to understand local, enterprise and industry business needsand to align those needs with KBI IT services. As a senior leader you are alsoexpected to lead the way for training compliance and overall administration ofbusiness related activities.Job Requirements: Bachelor s degree in Computer Science, a related field or equivalentexperience, with a minimum of 10 years of Enterprise Architecture relatedwork. A Masters degree in computer science or information systems managementis desirable. Experience in validated environments is desirable. Experience withManufacturing systems is preferred, as well as any experience with ERPsystems, and specifically ERP as it relates to manufacturing processes. Interprets and applies complex technical information; knowledge ofsystems design and implementation in a database environment; knowledge oftechnical and user-related aspects of a personal computer environment. Skillin creative and adaptive prog