Labor Ready A Trueblue Company Recycle Sorter in Boulder, Colorado

Looking for a study paycheck? 40 hours a week? Monday through Friday ? 7am to 3:30 pm ?We have a great opportunity with one of the largest recyclers in the USA.Being in business for 40 years they have the reputation as a pioneer andinnovator in resource conservation.We currently are seeking 6 to 10 recycle sorters.*Job Description:** Standing in front of a moving conveyor belt* Sorting through moving items of: plastic, cardboard, cans, sometimesfood containers may be mixed in with recycling on the conveyor belt, dirtydiapers, garbage, ect.* Motion sickness is a common thing. it usually relieves after a couple hoursor days. it also helps to look forward on the moving belt verse lookingstraight down.* *NO PHONE DURING WORK SHIFT (PHONES /TEXTING OR ANY DIGIT ACTIVITIESNEED TO BE COMPLETED DURING BREAK OR LUNCH TIME)**Qualifications:** Ability to stand, bend, twist duration of shift* Commitment to safety at all times* Ability to work in a dusty loud environment.* Willingness to conduct a walk through of the facility before starting yourassignment* Able to work 40 hours and adhere to a strict attendance policyTo be considered for employment you must register with us at PeopleReady.You must be 18 years of age and eligible to work in the United States.Contact us today to be connected with work! We look forward to hearing fromyou!