Plexus Corp Staff Software Engineer in Boulder, Colorado

About Plexus Engineering SolutionsPlexus engineers serve as the product design and engineering engine forleading companies, across major industries.Through our diverse range of product and technology solutions Plexus engineersimpact lives throughout the globe. We deliver innovative solutions throughoutthe entire product lifecycle, from early concept development tomanufacturing and beyond.Supporting a large breadth and variety of products, Plexus engineers work ina fast-paced, high variety, technically challenging environment thatprovides intense technical and leadership development. Passionate aboutcustomers, our teams have an industry-leading record of technical achievement.At Plexus, you will maximize the impact of your engineering and leadershiptalent.Learn more about how Plexus Engineering Solutions can elevate your careerthrough our video: The Boulder Design CenterWith a local population that boasts more Ph.D. s per capita than any other UScity, the Boulder Design Center s 70 engineers and designers serve customersin the Western and South-Western United States. Our engineers form aclose-knit, elite team with 16 years of history providing leading companieshigh quality, innovative designs. Situated at the gateway to the RockyMountains, Boulder is a family friendly city with a small town feel,consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States.Featuring a lively arts and culture scene, prestigious universities,Boulder is only miles from world class skiing, trails, and gorgeousmountain scAbout the RoleAs a Software Engineer at Plexus Engineering Solutions, you will designembedded software for products found in a wide range of industries includingHealthcare & Life Sciences, Defense / Security / Aerospace,Networking / Communications, and Industrial / Commercial. You will havethe opportunity to work with a team of other Software Engineers, ElectricalEngineers, Mechanical Engineers, Quality Engineers and Manufacturing TestEngineers. An engineer in this position will participate in all phases of aproduct s lifecycle including early concept development, requirementsdiscovery, design, implementation, test and transitioning to manufacturing.Job Responsibilities * Architect and develop AWESOME software (C, C++, C#, Java) * Develop and execute NOVEL software test strategy (TDD, ContinuousIntegration, Verification) * COLLABORATE directly with customers (Engineers, Marketing,Quality, Management) * LEARN quickly across multiple domains (Medical, Aerospace,Defense, Commercial, Industrial) * TEAM with engineers from various disciplines (Electrical,Mechanical, Industrial Design, Quality) * CHALLENGE status quo to continuously improve the software group'scapabilities, approach and processesSkills & AbilitiesSelf-Awareness & Self-DisciplineUnderstanding your strengths and how to leverage them, weaknesses and how tomitigate them and knowing the impact that both have on your ability to achieveyour goals and on those with whom you interact. Individual ability to maintaincontrol of your impulses and emotions to enable you to assess a situationprior to acting, adapt appropriately and make sound decisions.Motivation & AmbitionPassion and drive to achieve both personal and organizational goals by seekingout new knowledge, experiences, and candid feedback in order to learn,grow and do accomplish more. Demonstrate determination to pursue difficultgoals despite challenges, overcome obstacles and bounce back fromadversity; have the will to win and get items accomplished.Learning AgilityThe capacity to recognize and acquire new information, digest and understandit, assimilate it to the current situation and apply it toward newpossibilities and productive action. This process is completed through astrong sense of intuition.VisionaryThe ability to see different aspects of situations and provide original andimaginative ideas to create optimal solutions and then turn them into re