NBH Bank Teller I in Buena Vista, Colorado

JOB FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The following sets forth the primary responsibilities of this job, butis not an exhaustive list. The Bank, through its managers and supervisors,reserves the right to assign any additional duties necessary to meet the needsof our clients, associates and/or shareholders.1. Responsible for delivering the Client Experience by providing excellentclient service with each interaction while performing routine banking centerand client service duties.2. Introduce clients to and refer new products and services, and generateleads for other members of the sales team to close.3. Achieve specific sales and service goals while balancing operational dutiesto ensure transactions are handled accurately and efficiently.4. Receive, verify and pay negotiable items and cash for deposit, creditpayments and collections.5. Receive commercial and consumer deposits, verify correct cash amount andendorsements and issue receipts without supervisor verification up limits asassigned by your position level.6. Place holds on deposits for uncollected funds and complete all basictransactions for lobby and drive-up clients and demonstrate basic proficiencywith our systems.7. Daily balancing of your drawer within the established teller differencepolicy.8. Protect all client and bank information, and follow Customer Privacy andInformation Policy & Procedure for communication with clients, vendors andassociates.9. Responsible for adherence to bank's operational compliance, audit andsecurity policies and applicable state and federal laws.10. Maintain current knowledge and consistent compliance with regulations andbank policies and procedures related to the position, including but notlimited to Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Office of Foreign Assets Control(OFAC) requirements.11. Interact with others (co-workers, management, clients, andvendors) in a professional and tactful manner including treating them withrespect and consideration regardless of their status or position.EDUCATIONAL KNOWLEDGE AND/OR PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:Required: This position requires the following educational and/or job experience:* High school diploma or equivalent* Strong client service skills* minimum 6 months of cash handling experiencePreferred: * Associate's degree or higher* Bilingual language skills* Previous bank teller experience* minimum 1-2 years of relevant job experienceSKILLS AND ABILITIES: The following is intended to give an overview of the requirements of theposition, but is not an exhaustive list.* Effective written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills;demonstrated ability to speak effectively to internal and external clients.* Strong attention to detail and ability to complete work accurately.* Client service driven; responsive to client issues and concerns.* Ability to think logically in order to analyze situations, and make sounddecisions.* Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.* Capacity to work with multiple computer and software systems.* Ability to calculate figures and amounts such as cash back, andpercentages.WORK ENVIRONMENT: The following is intended to give an overview of the work environment ofthe position, but is not an exhaustive list.* Standing for extended periods of time.* Must be able to work at a rapid pace for long periods of time (typicallyno longer than 8 hours).* Must be able to push, pull, pull up, bend, lift at the knees andwaist, twist body at the waist, raise and hold arms overhead, turnhead-neck-shoulders as needed, grasp other items with hands, for eitherextended periods of time or many times throughout the workday.* Must be able to work overtime to the extent necessary.The Bank is committed to providing qualified applicants and associatesreasonable accommodation, when necessary, to enable the individuals tocomplete the application process and/or perform the essential functions ofthe job. An applicant and/or associate requiring reasonable accommodation toperform any essentia