S4 Inc. N-NC/J7, Theater Security Cooperation Partner Nation Planner in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Job Title: N-NC/J7, Theater Security Cooperation Partner Nation PlannerLocation: Peterson AFB, COEducation: Bachelor's DegreeClearance: Current/Active TSPlease note that you must be a US citizen to apply to this job listingTravel: 15%Requisition: S4 CO17012LCAT: N-NC/J7, Theater Security Cooperation Partner Nation PlannerJob Duties: The services required for this position include providingnon-personal services in support of exercise planning, development,coordination, facilitation, execution, assessment, and training forexercises with Mexico and The Bahamas, and Theater Security Cooperation(TSC)-related initiatives with Canada. Support includes strategicrequirements identification, command objectives and Capacity DevelopmentPlan integration, resourcing, and synchronization with other CombatantCommands (CCMDs); use and management of a wide range of systems andprocesses that include the Joint Training Information Management System(JTIMS), Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS), Joint LessonsLearned Information System (JLLIS), Lessons Learned Information System(LLIS), the Joint Master Scenario Events List (JMSEL) databasetool; and the Theater Security Cooperation Management Information System(TSCMIS), and integration of these areas into the development andperiodic revision of the Joint Training Plan and the Commander's StrategicPlanRequired Skills: The work will require expertise, practical operationalanalysis experience, and technical support in: Promoting the TSC ExercisePlanning and Execution Processes. Developing and integrating securitycooperation training, exercise, and engagement requirements and objectivesinto the comprehensive Five-Year Partner Nation (PN) Engagement Forecastby working with N-NC Component stakeholders, NC Offices of DefenseCoordination (Canada, Mexico, and The Bahamas), and PN militaryrepresentatives. Experience with drafting inputs for the comprehensiveFive-Year PN Engagement Forecast, in synchronization with and participationin the relevant Security Cooperation Synchronization Workshop (SCSW) foreach PN. Ability to facilitate PN exercise planning and execution capabilitythrough active and cooperative participation in the Joint Event Life Cycle(JELC) for candidate exercises approved under the Developing CountriesCombined Exercise Program (DCCEP) and engagement events under thePersonnel Expense (PE) Program. Participation in scheduled SecurityCooperation Synchronization Workshops (SCSWs) and Training and ExerciseScheduling and Synchronization (TESS) workshops and draft the strategy toalign the respective objectives of these events to support objectives-basedTSC. Experience coordinating with N-NC directorates, components and PNs toassess their strategic objectives within the context of the N-NC CapacityDevelopment Plans (CDPs) and collaborate on the development of TSC-focusedengagements involving each PN. Drafting and coordinating exercise inputs toNorth American Maritime Security Initiative (NAMSI) and Tri Command StaffTalks (TCST) as necessary. Coordinating inputs for and draft theUSNORTHCOM DCCEP and PE plans in alignment with Global Employment of the Force(GEF) objectives in synchronization with efforts across adjacent GCCs andrelevant FCCs. Focusing on developing and implementing an assessment tool tomeasure the validity and effectiveness of Partner Nations (PN) engagementsin supporting the Global Employment of the Force (GEF) End States, N-NCTheater Strategy, USNORTHCOM Theater Campaign Plan, Capacity DevelopmentPlans (CDPs), and PN Country Plans. Experience with inputting securitycooperation engagement activities in appropriate databases (TSCMIS,JTIMS, JLLIS, DRRS, LLIS, and JMSEL) and cross-reference thisinformation with strategic analysis information in the GEF and its supportingGlobal Force Management (GFM) database. Ability to consolidate and analyzethe data from the assessment systems and lessons learned from post-engagementmeetings to develop an assessment brief. Include CDP gaps and shor