GE Johnson Construction Company Rough Carpenter And Concrete Form Work in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Layout for all craft related work to include grading, assist in layout forearthworks, build and erect batter boards, set and handle wood and metalforms for footings and walls of any height, erect temporary walkways andramps, install rebar for slabs and wall construction, fasten to formsmetal and plastic form liners, install wood and metal shoring and pilingincluding high work associated with same, operate equipment such as forklifts and winches, work related to height such as edge forms on elevatedfloors, shoring for support of floor slabs and walls, use of weldingequipment and cutting torches, erection and operation of elevator shaftforming systems, forming of floor slabs and grade, involvement in placingconcrete and finishes, install embed items in concrete during and prior toplacement of concrete. Adhere to/comply with the company's EEO policiesand affirmative action.