HDR, Inc. Drinking Water Client Development Lead in Denver, Colorado

Drinking Water Client Development LeadDrinking Water Client Development Lead (138753)HDR is an architectural, engineering and consulting firm that excels atcomplex projects and solving challenges for clients. More than 9,800professionals, including architects, engineers, consultants,scientists, planners and construction managers, in over 200 locationsworldwideThe Drinking Water Client Leader (DWCL) will provide leadership inmeeting Drinking Water Market Sector bookings goals and in promoting growthby:* Grow Booking on a prescribed annual and year over year basis based onunderstanding market conditions and strategies to capture greater marketshare.* Ensure that the DW Sector marketing program is functioning properly andcompetitively in the marketplace. Review wins and losses to observe positiveor negative trends and lessons learned;* Strategic Client Development Leadership & Assistance -Assist/collaborate with Regional and Area Business Group and ClientDevelopment Leaders in the development and/or maintenance of Tier Oneclients. Top 10% clients are those with long-term, large scale revenuepotential to drive sustained growth.* Sector Pursuit Leadership - Provide leadership of DWMS pursuits in the $2to $10 M range. Lead screening of all pursuits over $2M and determine withlocal programs which should be advanced to the strategic or sector levels andwhich should remain as local pursuits;* Strategic Pursuit Coordination - Maintain close collaboration with WBG andMajor Campaigns to help identify, develop, and qualify potential DWMSstrategic pursuit candidate opportunities.* Strategic Initiative Development - Fully understand the key market sectorinitiatives identified during strategic planning and engage National,Regional and Area Business Group technical, operations and ClientDevelopment Leaders and staff in the development and execution of theinitiativ* Market Sector Collaboration - Work with other WBG MSDs and CDDs to developand support efficient and consistent processes that help the overall growth ofthe WBG.* Business Class Engagement - Understand the roles of Business Class Directorsand how they apply to programs and pursuits. Engage/collaborate withBusiness Class Directors when appropriate to maximize initiative, clientdevelopment or pursuit success.* Industry Engagement - Develop and implement strategies to maximizevisibility within the industry through promoting staff involvement in keycommittees, professional organizations, and conferences.* NFB Tracking - Monitor and communicate progress of period and annual NFBgoals. Work closely with WBG leadership to observe trends, adjustprojections, and make required alterations to plan in an effort to achieveNFB goals.* Budgeting - Provide input during budgeting to secure appropriate balance ofbookings goals, marketing budgets, and strategic initiatives.* Strategic Planning - Assist in development of annual planning effort.* Staffing - Assist in prioritization of strategic hires as well asidentification and recruiting of candidates especially those hires that helpfulfill our market capture efforts.* Drive performance of the annual sector marketing metrics (NFB'd andbudgets) and year over year growth in overall DW program bookings;* Maintain a strong understanding of drinking water market conditions from amacro perspective and help drive and support national, regional and localefforts to grow HDR's drinking water market share;* Supporting on-going client development efforts for new and existingstrategic clients;* Exposure within the industry through networking and positioning in keyindustry functions;* Execution of HDR's strategic plan initiatives and more specifically DWSector initiatives;* Identification of strategies to capture key market areas and/oropportunities and grow the overall sector;* Participation in key project pursuit capture planning efforts at thelocal, sector and strategic levels;... For full info follow application link.At HDR, we are committed to the principles