Ardent Mills Head Miller in Denver, Colorado

About Us Welcome to Ardent Mills, a new company dedicated to helping ourcustomers innovate and grow, with the industry s broadest range oftraditional and organic flours, whole grains, customized blends andspecialty products. Our ingredients are backed by unrivaled technicalsupport, food safety solutions and the supply assurance of a coast-to-coastnetwork of more than 40 community mills and blending facilities, an artisancommercial bakery and a Mobile Innovation Center. We are Ardent Mills,working with you for the good of grain. And we re looking for dynamic peopleto join our team. The Role The head miller is responsible for flour milling, mill maintenance,wheat cleaning and tempering, record keeping, sanitation, planning,coordinating, and communication. This position plays a vital role in helpingthe plant team establish Ardent Mills as the preferred flour supplier in theregion. This position is a key in promoting safety, quality, millingefficiencies, and helping achieve the company s goals and objectives . Key Accountabilities Plant and Process Optimization Identifies operational discrepancies and provides focused solutions witha timeline for corrective action. Works with the milling team to continuouslyimprove the production process, improve safety, reduce production costs,and enhance product quality. Implements best and standard practices. Ensurethat mills are properly and efficiently maintained. Works with the ContinuousImprovement team to maximize maintenance resources and deploy new maintenancetechnologies. Works with facility staff and corporate functional leads to planand execute plant managed capital improvements. People Leader Engages milling team to develop technical excellence in the areas ofequipment design, process knowledge, mill flow, and project development.Collaborate with the Technical Milling group to establish effective technicalmilling training for appropriate segments of the workforce, as well as fornew millers and interns. Develop strength and consistency in Ardent Mills bymentoring, coaching and training. Collaborate/Consult: Provide support to all plant departments and engineering for new projectsand advanced problem solving. Work with engineering and plant team inexecuting and commissioning of capital projects. Participate in associatedtrade organizations to develop a network of Subject Matter Experts and coretechnology contacts Strategic Planning Identify and define value added projects. Responsible for carrying outsystemic changes as set by the Director of Milling. Collaborate with theTechnical Milling group and through network of Subject Matter Experts, toensure the strategic delivery of milling best practices/technology. Capableof developing a systematic approach to mill improvements. Governance, Risk Management and Metrics Use published standard key performance metrics for the milling area toopenly, positively, and constructively to improve operations throughbenchmarking. Reduce risk, reduce the process impact on the environment,and lower costs in order to improve operational efficiency. Ensure accumulatedknowledge and best practice is appropriately shared & captured within themilling organization to build Intellectual Capital advantage. Skills & Experience * BS preferred but not required * 2 years related work experience in Milling Industry with technicaldiscipline and progressive advancement in a supervisory/technical milling role * Proven track record in the ability to troubleshoot existing mill flowsfor the purpose of optimization. * Demonstrated ability to understand operational, engineering andbusiness activities. * Demonstrated the conceptual capacity to develop and understand processflows. * Demonstrated ability to create and modify CAD drawings of milllayouts, equipment components and flowsheets. * Demonstrated ability to implement technical solutions and bestpractices at facilities