Charter Communications/Spectrum Learning Experience Architect in Denver, Colorado

JOB SUMMARYThe Learning Experience Architect (LEXA) is responsible forre-articulating the business requirements that the internal customers andL&D operations team leadership have defined together by translating theminto learning experience requirements in order to change target audiencebehavior. He/She provides a point of view on what constitutes strong designprinciples based on the modality, content and outcome that the business isdrivThe LEXA is responsible for ensuring the end to end learning experience istargeted to the learning audience(s). He/She is responsible forarchitecting the modern, adult learning journey solution by identifying bothfacilitated (Virtual ILT, Help Desk, Live Webinar Training Buddy,Instructor Led Training, Peer Mentoring, OTJ Coaching) andnon-facilitated interactions (Video/Audio, Announcement, IndependentReading, Online Forum, Branched eLearning, Job Aides, KnowledgeManagement Articles, Talking Guide, Decision eLearning, Gamification)within the initiative scope . Within that end-to-end view, the LEXA designsexperiences that provide observable and measurable behaviors within the targetlearning audience(s). To accomplish this, the LEXA provides therole-centric learning designs necessary to ensure the experience is digestibleto the learning audience(s). He/she also informs the development oflearning interactions by defining those interactions and directing the work ofothers in the specialized labor pool through the application of the L&D ALEP(AThe LEXA is responsible for re-articulating the vision and requirements thatthe business sponsor and L&D operations team leadership have definedtogether. Once those requirements are articulated, the Learning ExperienceArchitect will translate the business requirements into the learningexperience requirements commensurate with the level of service necessary tochange target audience behavior. The LEXA continuously engages the businessstakeholders and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) throughout the Design andBuild stages, during which interactions and assets are brought from conceptto deliverable.The LEXA coordinates with the L&D Service Manager to provide updates tovarious stakeholders as necessary. He/She oversees the production offacilitated and non-facilitated learning interactions during the Design andBuild stages, working directly with the leaders of Facilitated andNon-Facilitated methods to ensure all interactions and assets created by theteam are aligned to well-defined design principles, backed by innovativeadult learning theory/cognitive science and engineered to ensure the targetaudience role(s) are successful.MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIESOrchestrate the design of the learning experience by working with the ServiceManager in completion of the defined scope of work, create buildinstructions, and coordinate with Facilitated and Non-Facilitated Designersto determine resourcing needs per the defined scope of work.Facilitate architecture, design and contribution working sessions to developand document the end-to-end learning experience solution for each type ofinteraction. Continuously drive leading-edge innovations into the learningexperience solutions.Facilitate design reviews to include an internal team review with L&Dleadership (required approval to move forward) and then a formal reviewwith key stakeholders to ensure solutions meet the requirements. Collaboratewith the Facilitated and Non-Facilitated Designers to ensure consistency ofdesign principles across all learning interactions.Identify resource management needs and escalate to leadership to ensureinitiatives are properly staffed.Facilitate validation of design completion ensure the learning experiencesolution achieves business outcomes.REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONSSkills/Abilities and Knowledge - Demonstrated portfolio of learning experience designs and solutionswith measureable results - Demonstrated knowledge of facilitated and non-facilitated trainingmethodologies and tools - Demo