National Jewish Health Project Analyst in Denver, Colorado

The Project Management (PM) group provides management, support,and/or direction for clinical, developmental, tracking, andimprovement projects involving the Advanced Diagnostics Laboratory. ThisProject Analyst position is to perform under the direction of the ProjectManagement team to manage and analyze technical data in the clinicallaboratory, and to serve as the primary point of contact for communicationwith the customer during project execution. This position is to produceaccurate data management for all clients and perform the following essentialreEssential Duties1. Performs basic project management execution responsibilities withassistance from the project manager, and takes responsibility for accuracyand timeliness of work product.2. Works with PreAnalytical (PA) to detect and investigate discrepanciesbetween client shipping manifests and Scopes of Work (SOW). Communicateswith the client to schedule shipments and resolve discrepancies, and assistsAccount Manager in amending SOWs. Provides PA with ordering instructionsdetailing tests to be run for each sample received, and ensures open andeffective communication around sample scheduling with PA and the ProjectManage3. Responsible for sample tracking and maintaining a specimen database toensure all specimens are located and in the queue to run. Works withsupervisors and PA to locate specimens as needed and schedule testingaccording to project timelines.4. Works with clients/stakeholders to determine and resolve final specimendisposition in a timely manner and according to any contractual obligations.5. Responsible for ensuring all information on the data table is complete,formatted properly, and delivered to the Project Manager for reviewaccording to timelines, promptly communicates to the Project Manager anydiscrepancies or missing information, and corrects data per audit findings.6. Performs necessary data analysis, complies data graphs, preliminarydata reports and study billing reports, delivers all data and reports to theProject Manager and or Laboratory Director for review according to study andbilling timelines.7. Establishes initial files (electronic and paper) that will contain alldocuments necessary for execution of study. Work with PM to maintain thesefiles for duration of study and beyond as required by appropriate regulatoryagencies. Assists other staff members with the coordination of data formaster files. Assists in Audit prep.8. Answers inquiries from existing and potential referral clients regardingprocedures/tests available for different clinical situations. Advisesclients how to obtain information, documentation, and forms from thewebsite. Facilitates introduction to Account Management for contract work.9. Responsible for updating study and project information in projectmanagement tools.10. Maintains an understanding of the routine workflow of the laboratory andmaintains a working, technical knowledge of each test performed, andspecific methodologies used by the laboratory.11. Follows GxP (e.g., GLP, GCLP, GCP, etc.) standards as definedby different national and international organizations (e.g., ISO, FDA,OECD, etc.) when appropriate for clinical or preclinical trials.12. Maintains a working knowledge of project management tools include SmartSheet (or other Project Management software), IST tool, study tracker, etc.Other Duties1. Performs as a back-up to staff absences and vacancies, as necessary.2. Performs all other duties as assigned.Competencies1. Laboratory Knowledge: Coaches others in developing and improvinglaboratory testing methods, possesses cross functional laboratory knowledgein other ADx laboratories.2. Creativity: Supports and delivers initiatives, focuses well on visionor concept implementation, generates new ideas and assist with implementation3. Customer Focus: Proactively shares new knowledge with appropriateconstituents, will look at processes and results with the laboratory inmind, and with the customer or patient in the foref