Kindred Health Resource Chief Clinical Officer - Kindred Hospitals in Denver, Colorado

Resource Chief Clinical Officer - Kindred Hospitals (312777-4665 )IT'S SIMPLE. You want to work in a healthcare setting where you are valuedand appreciated - where you receive respect from your superiors and co-workersas well as the patients/residents you treat. You want to be challenged byyour job without being overwhelmed by it. You want to play an instrumentalrole in helping a patient recover, sometimes against strong odds, and gohome. What you want is Kindred Healthcare. Our mission is to promotehealing, provide hope, preserve dignity and produce value for eachpatient, resident, family member, customer, employee and shareholder we serve.Summary:As assigned by the Region Sr VP Operations and COO, directs and coordinatesfunctions and activities of nursing and assigned clinical operationdepartments of a hospital. Consults with and advises the Chief ExecutiveOfficer/Administrator on the general operation of the hospital. Developsnursing and clinical department's goals, objectives, standards ofperformance, policies and procedures. Organizes nursing and clinicaldepartments according to administrative and nursing service guidelines;ensures compliance with legal, organizational, and medical staffstandards. Has authority and responsibility for establishing, directing,and implementing the Standards of Nursing Practice and the clinical operationsand financial matters related to allnursing and clinical care areas andfunctioEssential Functions:A: Leadership Participates in planning and creating the hospital'sstrategic, operational, service design and other organizational plans andpolicies to achieve the mission and vision of the hospital. Plans and developsdepartmental budgets, revenue, capital and operational expenses,sufficient number of staff, and any other plans for allocation of fiscal orother resources according to the scope of services provided. Develops,designs and provides for a written scope of services, departmental policiesand procedures that guide and support the provision and integration ofservices according to mission and vision of the hospital. Directs thecoordination and integration of departmental services with other departmentsand the hospital's primary functions. Communicates the hospital'smission, vision, and plans with staff that guides them in their day-to-dayactivities. Promotes and motivates staff members to implement department andhospital operational, programmatic and other plans. Recommends anddetermines the sufficient number of staff to provide services and definesqualifications, performance expectations and competence of each person.Provides for orientation, in-service training, continuing education,annual performance and competency reviews of department personnel to ensurestaff is competent to provide services. Participates in hospital anddepartmental performance improvement activities to measure and assess thequaliB: Job Specific Manages multiple subordinate department managers whosupervise staff members in multiple departments that may include, but is notlimited to: Nursing, Quality Management, Social Services,Laboratory, Respiratory Therapy, Radiology, and Case Management. Abilityto direct the preparation of short term and long range plans and budgets basedon broad corporate goals and growth objectives. Maintains a sound plan ofcorporate organization establishing policies to insure adequate managementdevelopment and to provide for capable management succession. Develops andinstalls procedures and controls to promote communication and adequateinformation flow. Establishes operating policies consistent with the ChiefExecutive Officer's broad policies and objectives and ensures theirexecution. Evaluates the results of overall operations regularly andsystematically and reports these results to the Chief Executive Officer.Ensures that the responsibilities, authorities, and accountability of alldirect subordinates are defined and understood. Responsible for the overalldirection, coordination and ev