Oracle Solution Specialist V in Denver, Colorado

Overlay sales personnel providing specialist product expertise to the sales force.

Partners with Account, Technology, and Application sales representatives to qualify and close new business on Oracle solutions. Provides specific industry or product expertise to facilitate the closing of deals within sales representatives territory. Interacts with sales team to architect the solution, and develop and execute solution strategies for market. Manages solution opportunities to obtain appropriate and necessary resources for all qualified opportunities. Leads teams in the sales process for establishing market visibility and deal visibility. Presents/demonstrates solution to high level clients and industry conference attendees. May provide training to field sales on industry/solutions. Builds and maintains a network and up to date specific industry or product knowledge.

Acknowledged authority within the Corporation. Provides leadership and expertise in the development of new products/services/processes, frequently operating at the leading edge of technology. 12 years applicable experience preferred. Subject matter expertise in industry/product space. Knowledge of key industry leaders and management. Knowledge of Oracle competition. Presentation and product demonstration experience. Previous consultative selling experience preferred. Excellent communication, negotiating, and closing skills with prospects and customers. Travel may be needed. BA/BS degree in related field.

Oracle is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and protected veterans status or any other characteristic protected by law.

Business Development Manager Data Management Solutions

The Business DevelopmentManager Data Management Solutions position will have deep subject matterexpertise in data management strategies for both Enterprise and Big Dataapplications. The ideal candidate will have direct experience with leading datamanagement software including but not limited to Oracle DB, NoSQL(MongoDB/Cassandra), MySQL, and MS SQL as well as leading Big Data technologieslike Hadoop and Spark in order to accelerate adoption of Oracle Cloud as thepreferred platform for these workloads. This position will serve as the primarysubject matter expert for all Cloud Business Development efforts for theseareas and will ensure that the conversations centered on the Data Management aspectsof our GTM are accurate and resonate well with our customers. They will alsotake the lead on all relevant sales programs and lighthouse customerinteractions.

TheOracle Cloud Business Development Manager will perform 5 key functions in theNorth American Sales organization:

  1. Evangelizethe Oracle Cloud Platform internally and externally and build broad awarenessof the platform s capabilities and existence. This activity will be completedusing various communication platforms including social media, in-person eventsand speaking engagements, direct field engagement with reps and management,customer outreach and executive briefings.

  2. Enablethe North American Sales organization on how to best position and sell Oracle scomplete Cloud Platform focusing on customer solutions and outcomes. This willbe completed using a variety of tools including, webcasts and in-personseminars, creating and curating enablement materials such as sales decks leavebehinds and battle cards, leading from the front with specific customerengagement and lighthouse wins, creation and execution of sales solutioncampaigns as well as regular and frequent field engagement activities includingQBRs, attending sales meetings, customer cloud days, etc.

  3. Partnerwith Product Management to provide a scaling function for field communicationsand sales enablement activities in order to provide 360 degree feedback of theproducts and services from a field and customer perspective. This will be doneboth ad-hoc and programmatically using customer and field engagements toregularly report back to the PM team on how the field and customers aresucceeding with the service as well as which features or offerings are need toaddress market demands.

  4. Partnerwith Product Marketing to help create top level messaging related to thepositioning of the Oracle Cloud Platform and use this material to maintainconsistency and clear communications throughout solution creation and salesenablement activities.

  5. Leadthe effort to create cross-pillar, multi-domain, customer focused solutions andworkloads that closely align to how our customers buy and address their needs.This will require this person to work collaboratively across the organization,creating partnerships and fostering cooperation among teams that may havecompeting interests.

Thespecialist lead position will be responsible for this activity and partner willthe other specialty leads to ensure accurate and complete representation ofthis specialty in any solution set. They will be responsible for specificsolutions that span multiple domains which also include their specialty, actingas the subject matter expert in their specialty for the broader team. Thisperson will use their knowledge of the specialty domains to define and developareas where there is customer need and Oracle strength in creating fieldenablement around how to win in these specific areas.

Job: *Sales

Organization: *Oracle

Title: Solution Specialist V

Location: United States

Requisition ID: 17000P8V