National Jewish Health Supervisor, Clinical Laboratories in Denver, Colorado

General SummaryProvides leadership and direction for laboratory(ies). Collaborates withDirector of Operations, Medical Director(s), LaboratoryDirector(s), medical staff, and all applicable departments within ADxto ensure quality patient care delivery in compliance with laboratoryaccreditation requirements. Directs continuous operational improvement effortsof staff, processes, systems that are in place and facilitates the R&Dresource needs for Laboratory Director(s).Essential Responsibilities1. Determines staff qualifications and competency: recruits, selects,hires, trains, orients, mentors and rewards.2. Manages/supervises and develops an effective staff: providingeffective communication, leadership, guidance and resources. Directsin-service and continuing education activities for staff. Monitors staffsafety compliance and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as needed.3. Evaluates staff performance regularly and determines merit increases,promotions and disciplinary actions.4. Functions as technical supervisor, general supervisor and/or testingpersonnel (per CLIA and CAP) as needed.5. Collaborates with the Director of Laboratory Operations, MedicalDirector(s) and Laboratory Director of the area(s) andmultidisciplinary health care team to develop and provide a quality,cost-effective, patient-care delivery system that is consistent withnational standards and guidelines.6. Assists with the formulation of policies and procedures for therespective sections in the Clinical Laboratories and institution for relevantissues.7. Ensures clinical services are in accordance with local, state andnational regulations. Ensures compliance with major credentialing bodiesincluding The Joint Commission, College of American Pathologists(CAP), CLIA and Proficiency testing requirements.8. Supervises, maintains and documents legal operation of the laboratoryto ensure compliance to: safety regulations; lab accreditation; federalregulations; quality control; instrument usage and preventivemaintenance; and over-all laboratory standards of operation. Checks alltest results for feasibility and accuracy before releasing results.9. Assists Director(s) with managing specific cost centers includingpersonnel, capital, space and operational expenses. Monitors the revenueand expenses of the assigned areas and makes appropriate adjustments asnecessa10. Assists in the preparation of the annual budget and financial/revenuereports as required or requested; monitors expenses and cost reduction andprepares short/long-term business plans to meet institutional goals andobjecti11. Develops, implements and guides competency assessments (includingage-specific competencies) as identified through the departmental competencyprogram. Implements care and services that recognize age-specific needs andissues for the customer served.12. Monitors the revenue and expenses of the laboratory: reports oncurrent status and/or projection of expenditures versus revenues tosupervisor; reviews monthly expense/revenue reports for errors and budgetstatus; and monitors departmental expenditures for reagents,instrumentation, and other expenditures, as directed. Helps prepareyearly budget and analyzes expense/revenues on a continuous basis.13. Ensures effective use of institutional information systems includingtraining staff, monitoring quality and maximizing use of system indepartment. Ensures installation of LIS/LIMS components where applicable.14. Participates in ADx process improvement projects such as LEAN Six-Sigma.Prepares ROI reports for these projects.15. Monitors use of equipment, reagents/supplies, and orders/stocksinventory to maintain adequate levels ensuring uninterrupted service.Supervises staff in inventory maintenance procedures.16. Attends continuing education programs sponsored by National Jewish,manufacturer in-services and/or professional society programs. Completes 15hours of continuing education.17. Responsible for utilization of HIS/LIS system in departmen