City Of Fort Lupton Public Works Maintenance Worker in Fort Lupton, Colorado

SUMMARY: Receives general supervision from the Public Works Supervisor.Performs a variety of customer service and preventative maintenance duties inthe maintenance of City public infrastructure and property.ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The following duties andresponsibilities are not all inclusive. Other duties may be assigned.Repair, install, replace and maintenance of fire hydrants, watermeter, vaults, water pumps, water distribution lines and water valves.Use airless sprayers and striping machines on streets and/or right-of-ways.Assist in installing, maintaining and repairing storm drainage system andsewer lines.Install, repair and/or replace right-of-way signage.Repair and maintain concrete and asphalt streets.Perform exterior maintenance duties for the cemetery.Assist in the excavating of gravesites and burial process.Assist with the installation of tombstones.Perform inspections on equipment and vehicles for such things fluid levels,leaks, condition of hoses and belts, tire pressure, brake lights andrelated areas.Secure, clean and care for all basic tools and equipment needed for jobassignmentOperate, clean, repair and maintain equipment such as backhoe, front-endloader and single and tandem axle dump truckAssist skilled trade workers in performing various projects.Perform preventative maintenance as appropriate and as needed in a timelymanner.Install street barricades and cones prior to the performance of constructionand repair activities.Direct and control traffic around work sitesRespond to requests and inquiries from customers of water and sewer utilitiesand from the public.Perform seasonal street maintenance duties such as snow plowing, salting andsanding, removing snow and ice from sidewalks, steps, seats and rampsfrom drives and parking lots of City facilities.Observe all common safety practices.Operate lightweight equipment powered by small engines for maintenance,clean up and minor construction projects.Work on-call, overtime and holidays as required by supervisor.DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICSSUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITY:No supervisory responsibilityGUIDANCE AND DECISION MAKING:Guidelines are generally but not always clearly applicable, requiring theemployee to exercise judgment in adapting standard practices to differingsituations and recommend alternative actions to supervisor in situationswithout precedent. Tools, work aids, and materials to be used are clearlyspecified. Work product is subject to close, continuous inspection.INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS:Contacts with the public or employees within the organization in the interestof cooperative work accomplishment.PHYSICAL DEMANDS:Standing: remaining on ones feet in an upright position.Walking: moving about on foot.Handling: seizing, holding, grasping, or otherwise working with hand(s).Carrying: transporting an object, usually by hand, arm or shoulder.Climbing: ascending or descending objects usually with hands/feet.Balancing: maintaining body equilibrium to prevent falling over.Talking: expressing exchanging ideas by means of spoken words.Hearing: perceiving the nature of sounds by the earEye/hand/food coordination: performing work through using two or more.Lifting: raising or lowering an object more than 60 pounds.Accommodation: ability to adjust vision to bring objects into focus.WORKING ENVIRONMENT:Extreme Heat: temperature hot enough to cause marked bodily discomfort.Extreme Cold: temperature hot enough to cause marked bodily discomfort.Temperature Changes: variations in temperature form hot to cold.Wet: frequent contact with water or other liquid.Hazards: conditions where there is danger to life, body, and/or health.Subject to long irregular hours.QUALIFICATIONS:BASIC KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITY TO LEARN:Demonstrate basic maintenance practices with water, sewer and streets.Knowledge of methods, techniques and tools used in construction maintenanceor related facilities.Display operation of a wide variety of equipment and tools used in publicwork