SALARY: $1,962.26 - $2,899.89 Biweekly$51,018.81 - $75,397.26 AnnuallyOPENING DATE: 04/18/17CLOSING DATE: CONTINUOUSDIVISION: Sheriff-Detention Services DivisionDEPARTMENT: Sheriff's OfficePURPOSE:Oversee the agency's automated information systems used in the collection,collation, analysis and reporting of information related to the dailyoperations of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Detentions Division.Provide statistics, patterns and trend data, as well as other agencyreports, and information as needed. On an on-going basis, assess andevaluate the agency's needs; present the data; graphics, layouts anddecide the appropriate method for disseminating the information. Reports totheESSENTIAL DUTIES:Collects and analyzes demographic and needs assessment data related toprograms and services. Provides position and decision support for strategicplanning. Provides data and analysis to assist management in identifyingappropriate courses of action regarding a variety of issues. Provides data tosubstantiate public policy position of concern to external governmental bodiesand the media. Develops tentative program proposals. Recommends modificationor elimination of various programs and procedures as they affect departmentalinformation based on research, statistical modeling, and analysis.Conducts research projects by establishing research methodology, conductsanalysis and produces summary findings. Issues analysis and informationretrieval. Performs a variety of research functions separate from statisticalanalysis, including researching articles, legislative histories, andother types of information that impact department functions.Develops and maintains planning databases and resource collection. Coordinatesplanning and evaluation of data-laden functions.Produces regular analytical and informational reports specific to area ofassignment, such as, inmate population trends and incidents, emergencyincident performance in accordance with industry and county standards, etc.Develops training, education and reporting methods. Performs other duties asassigned.QUALIFICATIONS:Formal Education: Work requires broad knowledge in a general professionalor technical field. Knowledge is normally acquired through four years ofcollege resulting in a Bachelor's degree or equivalent.Experience: Over three year of work related experience.Experience or knowledge regarding corrections and/or jail operations required.Prior working knowledge in Crystal Reports, Tableau, Microsoft BI, Domoand/or SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) or similar business tools.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:Must take and pass a written exam, oral interview, polygraph exam andprovide information for background investigation. Must also pass a medical,drug screen and psychological test.PLEASE take the time to fully complete the on-line application including workhistory, education, and answer each supplemental question thoroughly.