Mesa County Shift Supervisor in Grand Junction, Colorado

JOB TITLE: Shift SupervisorSupervises clients and staff of the Criminal Justice Services Department. Actsas the first line supervisor for Department teams, as well as performing thesame duties as their subordinates.Provides safety and security to staff, visitors and clients; upholdsprogram regulations, Department and County policy and procedures and thecivil and constitutional rights of clients in both residential and communitybased programs. Makes routine operational decisions according to establishedpractices.REQUIREMENTS:Education and Experience:Associates Degree supplemented by training programs in the area of assignmentand/or year for year experience. Previous supervisory experience and/orcorrectional experiences helpful.1 Year of Community Corrections Experience.Excellent verbal and written communication skills.Any combination of education, training and experience which provides theknowledge, skills and abilities required for the job.Licenses and Certifications:CPR/First Responder Certification (can be obtained after hire)CPI (Crisis Intervention) Certification (can be obtained after hire)Introduction to Incident Command System ICS-100 Certification. Or/andNational Incident Management System (NIMS) Certification. (can beobtained after hire)Motivational Interviewing 101, 102 (can be obtained after hire)DUTIES:Carries out supervisory responsibility in accordance with Mesa Countypolicies, procedures and applicable laws including: on the jobtraining, assigning and directing work; appraising performance;conducting performance reviews and addressing complaints and resolving problemsDirectly Supervises staff to ensure efficient and effective day to dayoperations of the program. Responds to critical incidents and emergencies anddelegates department staff and act's as Incident Commander during criticalincidents, and as directed by Program Managers.Facilitates shift briefings, plans, schedules and assigns work to staff;establishes priorities; checks and approves work; evaluates performanceand makes immediate corrections when necessary.Monitors shift communications, including phone, radio and computer forroutine and emergency issues; coordinates with outside agencies fornecessary responses; responds to and gives direction during client crisis orconflicts.Investigate program violations and/or assists subordinate staff; write'sincident reports; determine and carry out appropriate sanctions andrestrictions including the return to a more secure facility; prepare reportsand makes recommendations during administrative staffing's. Reviews andapproves of reports completed by staff.Communicates relevant information from staff, clients and citizens toManager and/or Administration. Periodically attends case manager, CJO andadministrative team meetings. May testify in court regarding specific clientinformation, program progress or the filing of new criminal charges.Composes, completes, reviews, types, and files administrativepaperwork as required; submits daily post orders and monthly monitoringreports. Will complete weekly and monthly audits as necessary and inaccordance with the Division of Criminal Justice Standards.May perform training officer duties in training new hires, completes alldocumentation and instructs and trains in correct methods. May lead variouscommittees' and/or projects both temporary and long term.Ensure client property is handled and secured according to policy. Monitor andenforce the safety and security of the facility and control of contraband,including searches of clients and living areas, conducting security checksof facility, facility perimeter, windows, doors, client possessions.In accordance with the Division of Criminal Justice Standards conducts pass,job, and authorized activity verifications; conducts client searches,vehicle searches and room searches, verifies employment search for unemployed cPerforms breathalyzer tests and collects urinalysis samples on clients;complete required documentation; assist with