Dairy Farmers Of America Washbay Truck Washer in Greeley, Colorado

General Purpose: To ensure that tractors and trailers are cleaned, sanitized accordingto milk hauling regulations and ready to transport milk. Duties and Responsibilities: * Operate pump to move milk from one trailer to another trailer * Prepare wash vat with proper sanitizer solution; run titration teston soap and acid * Wash exterior of tractors and trailers * Perform Clean In Place (CIP) of trailer interior, milk hoses,pumps, valves, and fittings * Inspect wash tags and ensure dated appropriately * Shuttle trucks from plants to wash bay for cleaning as necessary * Shuttle drivers back and forth between trucking terminal and plants * Learn and perform all job duties according to DFA safety regulations Required Minimum Qualifications:EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE * Must have high school diploma or GED Necessary Knowledge, Skills and Abilities * Must be able to communicate effectively using the English language * Must be able to complete paperwork legibly and neatly * Must be able to operate tractors and move trailers into washbay areaand move them around yardPHYSICAL DEMANDS AND WORK ENVIRONMENT: * Must be able to climb on top of trailers. Must be able to hook andunhook trailers. Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds. See physicalrequirements analysis.Employer's Job# 8085Please visit job URL for more information about this opening and to view EOEstatement.