SCL Health Network Telecom Manager in Lakewood, Colorado

LOCATION: SCL Health System and Technology Service Center inLakewood, Colorado. Provides leadership and administration of the Telecommunications andNetwork Teams within Systems Technology and Service Center. This position mayrequire participating in some of the day to day duties in order to keepprojects on track. This position will manage the day to day activities of theGrand Junction and Montana Telecommunications and Network staff and systems. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: * Performs analysis of Telecommunications and Network needs andcontributes to design of Telecom and Network architecture, integration andinstallation. * Maintains Telecommunications and Network hardware and software,including servers, peripherals, network nodes, terminals and wiring. * Coordinates with other departments in order to understand and meettheir requirements. * Evaluates Telecommunications and Network hardware and softwarerequirements and capabilities and makes recommendations. * Checks systems in order to optimize performance and to initiaterecovery action after system failures. * Establishes budgetary requirements for equipment replacement. * Establishes and controls systems access and security. * Monitors and maintains Telecommunications and Network stability,collects and analyzes network and memory utilization, and installs and testssoftware upgrades. * Prepares and maintains documentation of Telecom and Networkconfigurations and cabling layouts. * Develops, maintains and tests disaster recovery plans. * Designs, implements, and manages digital and analogtelecommunications equipment and services. * Performs analysis of local and long distance networks to ensurenetwork optimization and cost savings. * Audits and manages telecommunications invoices and works withtelecommunications vendors in relation to resolving billing disputes. * Bachelors Degree in computer science, mathematics or related field. * Equivalent work experience may be substituted in lieu of education. * Minimum four years systems management experience. * Experience in a hospital based healthcare operations environment. * Unix and NT management experience * Cisco network management * General PBX management Qualifications CO-Denver/Boulder/Surrounding Areas-LakewoodEmployer's Job# 17005352-LakewoodPlease visit job URL for more information about this opening and to view EOEstatement.