Heart Of The Rockies Regional Medical Center Medical Technologist in Salida, Colorado

Job Title:Medical TechnologistESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES1.Performs established protocol for instrument preventivemaintenance/function verification.2.Organizes work load so as to complete testing in the most appropriatemanner.3.Follow the laboratory's procedures for specimen handling andprocessing, test analyses4.Maintain records that demonstrate thatproficiency testing samples are tested in the same manner as patientspecimens.5.Adheres to established quality control policies, documents allquality control activities, instrument and procedural calibrationsperformed.6.Adheres to the laboratory's established policies and procedureswhenever test systems are not within the laboratory's established acceptablelevels of performance and is responsible for assuring that all remedialactions are taken whenever test systems deviate.7.Identifies problems that may adversely affect test performance or reportingof test results and either must correct the problems or immediately notify thetechnical supervisor, clinical consultant or director.8.Documents all corrective actions taken when test systems deviate from thelaboratory's established performance specifications.9.Provides legible, meaningful reports.10.Follow established protocol inmaintaining records of patient test results.11. Is responsible to review all testing performed during their shift toensure that acceptable levels of analytic performance are maintained.I. Specimen collection/clericalA. Collect Specimens1. Explain rationale for laboratory tests and patient preparation to patients.2. Collect all types of specimens following prescribed guidelines.3. Evaluate and solve problems related to specimen collection.B. Perform Pre-analytic specimen handling1. Accession and distribute specimens to laboratory departments according toprescribed guidelines.2. Measure, aliquot and label specimens when appropriate.3. Prepare samples for transport to reference laboratory.4. Evaluate and solve problems related to pre-analytic specimen handling.C. Perform Receptionist/Clerk functions1. Answer and direct phone calls.2. Complete laboratory requisitions & billing forms.3. Follow laboratory's procedures for reporting, retrieving andmaintaining records of patient test results.4. Evaluate and solve problems related to billing and laboratory records.5. Use computers to manage data through input, storage and retrieval.Requirements of the job:Must be at least 21 years of age; must pass background check and drugtest; must have drivers license; EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCEMinimum of Associate's Degree in Medical Technology and two years ofexperience in high complexity testing in all clinical laboratory departments.CERTIFICATES, LICENSES, REGISTRATIONSNationally recognized laboratory certification such as ASCP or NCA or AMT.Wages and how often paid:Pay is negotiable per hour; paid paid bi-weekly.Shift days and hours to be worked:This is a full-time permanent position; 36 hours per week. Days and hoursto be worked will be determined by employer. Employer has one position tobegin as soon as possible. Positions may be filled without notice to theColorado Workforce Center. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.