White Lodging Busser in Broomfield, Colorado

Location: Renaissance Broomfield,COSummary:The Busperson ensures that all tables are clean, and properly set. TheBusperson maintains the cleanliness of the restaurant and works with serversto ensure excellent guest service.Responsibilities: Provide the highest quality of service to the guest at all times andanticipate and exceed guest expectations. Know and live the mission and theWhite Lodging/brand basics. Understand Hotel Improvement Plan. Complete assigned set-up, side work and closing duties. Ensure all tables are clean and properly set within the shortest amount oftime possible. When dealing with guests, utilize proper hotel-specific scripting. Check cleanliness of bus stand from previous shift and notify manager ofany problems. Set up the bus stand, restock and prepare bus stand for shiftchange and/or close. Check high chairs and booster seats for cleanliness and clean as necessary. Empty trash and spot sweep the restaurant and bar floor. Bus tables according to standard procedures. Pre-bus tables in accordancewith SOP. Follow sequence of service and utilize hotel specific scripting. Remove dishes to dish room and break down trays as necessary. Handle alldishes and glassware carefully. Fill and refill water glasses when needed and serve bread, butter andcondiment tray. Check floor periodically and pick up or clean litter. Ensure that side stands are adequately stocked and equipment is clean. Carefully and properly stack heavy trays. Maintain a clean work area in accordance with hotel standards. Cleanservice stations, including mopping floors and filling ice bins. Completedaily and weekly cleaning schedule. Continually remove dirty glasses, empty dinner dishes and usedsilverware from guest table. Use proper cleaning cloth to wipe tables. Refill salt and pepper shakers, candle cartridges and sugar caddy. Perform food runs as needed. Complete checklist at the completion of each shift. Always answer the telephone in three rings with a smile and answerquestions accordingly or transfer as needed. Attend work on time as scheduled and adhere to attendance policy. Participate in daily preshift. Report unsafe conditions and suspicious activity to LossPrevention/Management. Utilize Service Recovery/Defect Tracking processes. Ensure security and confidentiality of all guest and hotel information andmaterials. Practice energy conservation. Notify manager/AYS of maintenance issues. Practice safety standards at all times and keep the property safe forguests and fellow associates. Use wet floor signs as required. Utilizepersonal protective equipment. Claim all tips in ADP and on weekly tip sheet. Submit weekly tip sheet tomanager by end of pay week. Must complete Service Training Manual and be certified/validated within30 days of department orientation. Must pass certification quiz/test forposition. Wear proper uniform, including nametag at all times in accordance withthe Standards of Appearance. Communicate properly and effectively with the guest, associates andmanagers. Effectively respond to guest complaints. Promote teamwork andassociate morale Maintain knowledge of hotel property, hotel staff, hotel services,hotel service hours of operation and hotel surroundings (i.e. mall,restaurants Adhere to all work rules, procedures and policies established by thecompany. This includes, but is not limited to those contained in theAssociate Orientation Handbook and the red Emergency Response ProceduresManual. Have a thorough knowledge of emergency procedures. Complete ChemicalTraining and Blood borne Pathogen Training. Follow proper key control procedures. Assist Servers, Host/Hostess, Room Service and Bartenders as needed. Perform other duties as assigned.Other information:WORKING CONDITIONS Lift, carry or otherwise move up to 50 lbs. regularly. Follow proper moving and lifting procedures identified in DepartmentalOrientation Handbook. Regularly required to stand; walk; reach; use hands to finger hand