CITY OF BRUSH Police Officer in Brush, Colorado

REQUIREMENTS:Qualifications:Be a certified peace officer under the guidelines of the Colorado PeaceOfficer Standards and Training Board.Possess a high school diploma, or equivalent, with a college degree in thefield of criminal justice preferred.Possess a valid Colorado Driver's License.Work irregular or extended work hours, including rotating shift work.Run over barriers such as fences, walls and shrubs.Overcome common resistance such as pulling away, pushing/shoving.Control resistive subjects by grasping, employing takedown techniques,dragging or pulling, and handcuffing.Maintain balance on rooftops, fences, ladders, and stairs.Work in adverse climate conditions such as high temperatures (above 95degrees), low temperatures (below 30 degrees), snow and ice, high winds.Work while exposed to irritants such as fingerprint powder, chemical agentssuch as mace or pepper spray.Work in adverse physical surroundings such as slippery surfaces (e.g.chasing suspects through wet grass), or working above ground level(roofs, fences).Work effectively in conditions of poor lighting, fog, noise, or faint sounds.The employee shall work well under pressure, meet multiple and sometimescompeting deadlines.The employee shall at all times demonstrate cooperative behavior withcolleagues and supervisors.WAGE: $40,902/Yr.DAYS/HRS: Part Time SeasonalDESCRIPTION:Examples of Duties:The following duty statements are not intended and should not be interpretedto be an exhaustivelist of all responsibilities or skills associated with this position. Otherduties and responsibilitiesare performed as assigned.- Patrols within corporate limits to deter illegal activities and to protectand preserve thesafety and security of individuals, property, buildings, and neighborhoods.- Completes reports in a clear and accurate manner.- Responds to dispatch calls and investigates citizen complaints and reportedbreaches ofthe peace including crimes in progress, crimes discovered after the fact,disturbances,accidents, etc.- Prepares summons necessary to charge individuals with violations ofordinances andstatutes.- Makes arrests and take suspects into custody including the reading ofrights,interrogation, search, booking, and transport of individuals to holdingand jailingfacilities.- Appears in court and other hearings to offer testimony.- Inspects and maintains assigned equipment.Revised 4/23/14- Maintains awareness of focal crime rates and trends.- Attends and participates in assigned training sessions.