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OBJECTIVEThe Case Management Supervisor will be responsible for providing direction andguidance to Case Managers. This individual will coordinate staff with fundingagencies to help clients achieve their individual goals while implementingrehabilitation programs for assigned consumers to achieve their personalgoals.REQUIRMENTSBachelors Degree in Psychology, Sociology, Vocational Rehabilitation,Counseling and Guidance or related degree. Equitable experience will beconsidered in lieu of degree. Applicable field or equivalent combination oftraining and experience with a minimum of one year in social services,counseling or rehabilitation setting, providing direct services to peoplewith physical, emotional and/or developmental disabilities. A validColorado driver s license without a history of violations is also required.OTHER REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES It is preferred that the incumbent have excellent written and verbalcommunication skills, write clear, concise and accurate reports andplans, and submit them in a timely fashion. Must demonstrate the ability to interact with various types of internal andexternal customers, relate effectively to disabled persons, their parentsand guardians and be empathetic toward them. Must have a working knowledge of community resources, demonstrateinitiative, work with a degree of independence and possess excellent timemanagement skills. Must have the ability to work independently, cooperatively and toexercise effective planning. Must also conduct self in a professional manner and maintain a professionalappearance that enhances the firm s reputation. Must have experience speaking effectively to various small groups in apresenting/informative role. Must be able to program, train and be creative in motivating consumerstoward individual success.KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREAS {Essential Functions}Case ManagementThe Case Management Supervisor will provide direction, supervision and casemanagement for all assigned consumers to include: completing an initialrehabilitation plan and assessment, develop and implement an individualprogram plan and document progress. The incumbent will function as part of theinterdisciplinary team and develop the individual rehabilitation program. TheCase Management Supervisor will encourage independence by assisting consumersin problem solving by using accepted and innovative rehabilitation techniquesand maintain a proactive environment.Staff Support and DevelopmentThe Case Management Supervisor is responsible for all personnel issues fordirect reports including monitoring performance and completing performanceevaluations. As a team lead, the incumbent will supervise direct reports andensure all case management staff are present for work and accountable for. TheCase Management Supervisor will monitor the work of each staff member foraccuracy and appropriateness while ensuring that all case management paperworkfor CARF, DDD and funding agencies are turned in on appropriate due dates.The Case Management Supervisor will also assist case managers with problemsand conflicts concerning funding agencies, parents, guardians andconsumers. The incumbent will cover for staff when absent, attend intakesand function as the in-charge person during program coordinator s orclassroom lead s absence.Client/Program Tracking and ReportingThe Case Management Supervisor will maintain complete and accurate records andstatistical data for each case as required. In addition, the Case ManagementSupervisor must complete all necessary documentation, e.g., incidentreports, program plans, charting, quarterly and final reports. Theincumbent will assist with filling out incident reports and reporting them tothe funding source and state if necessary.Relationship ManagementThe Case Management Supervisor will communicate and coordinate with otherinvolved agencies and support personnel. In addition, the Case ManagementSupervisor will demonstrate good customer service with all clients. The CaseManagement Supervisor wi