United Launch Alliance (ula) Financial Analysis Specialist 1 in Denver, Colorado

Would you like to launch into an exciting opportunity where you will shape theexecution of missions into space, implement business strategy, andpositively impact the lives of people around the globe? United LaunchAlliance (ULA), the nation's premier launch service provider, isseeking analytical, adaptable and innovative professionals to further itsmission to save lives, explore the universe, and connect the world.ULA's Finance Team offers the opportunity to develop as a Financeprofessional and influence the corporation's strategic direction as ULAexplores new and exciting business opportunities.The Finance Career Opportunity Rotation Experience (CORE) program offers aunique rotation experience throughout various business functions at ULA.Participants will have opportunities to learn business and operational dutieswhich facilitate 100% mission success.Participants of the CORE program work in four different business departmentsover a two year period while participating in professional developmentactivities and training. Assignments acquaint employees with the applicationof principles, techniques, and concepts to the business and operatingenvironments while they develop teamwork and leadership skills. The candidatemust be prepared to spend at least one six-month rotation at a ULA facility inCape Canaveral AFS, FL or Decatur, AL. At the end of the two yearprogram, the participant will transition into a permanent position withinthe company.Participants in the CORE program may be responsible for the following:- Working cross-functionally to assist the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)in the successful completion of corporate objectives- Analyzing data and reporting information in support of various corporateobjectives- Developing success metrics by business unit, project team or functionalarea; monitoring performance; and determining rationale and correctionplans for variances.- Preparing financial plans, project schedules, regular and specialpurpose reports, and audit documentation.- Maintaining historical records and analyzing trends- Establishing, maintaining and interpreting policies, procedures, anddesktop instructions- Evaluating the effectiveness of current ULA processes, recommendingimprovements thereto, and monitoring implementation and compliance acrossvarious corporate functions- Performing other duties and special projects as requiredExternal Additional Requirements * Bachelor degree in Business, Finance, Accounting, or otherapplicable field(s) of study from an accredited college or university * This is an entry-level position. Candidates must have completed theirdegree within two years of the start date. * Experience with Word, Excel and PowerPoint * Demonstrated cross-functional communication skills * Candidate must possess a valid driver's license and personaltransportation to drive between work locations on a military base where publictransportation is not available. Job duties may require traveling betweenlocations on the military base throughout the course of the day. * NOTE: As a condition of employment, you must be able to obtain andthereafter maintain a favorable National Agency Check Inquiry (NAC-I) inaccordance with Air Force Instruction 31-501 entitled Personnel SecurityProgram Management, or an equivalent approval, so that you have continuousunescorted access to all ULA work locations (includingcontrolled/restricted areas) to perform your assigned work.External Preferred Qualifications * GPA of 3.0 or greater on a 4.0 scale * Experience working independently and in a team environment * Demonstrated leadership skillsFunctional Job DescriptionSafety to Self and Others: Must be able to perform all assigned tasks in asafe manner. While performing the duties of this job, the employee may beexposed to repetitive motion injuries due to keyboarding or to cuts andbruises due to typical office accidents.Physical Demands: While performing the duties of this job, the employee isregularly