MOUNTAIN TEMP SERVICES Landscape Laborer in Dillon, Colorado

POSITION: Landscape Laborer.DUTIES: The duties involve general construction labor. The jobs involvegeneral outdoor physical labor which may include construction labor,landscape, painting, snow removal when necessary etc. This is a temporaryemployment agency and the fee is paid.SKILLS REQUIRED: No Skills required.OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Must have work boots. Employer will provide any othernecessary equipment. Must be at least 16 years of age due to jobresponsibilities and Child Labor Laws. Must be able to do physical laborjobs,work outside and be able to work in various weather conditions. Must passbackground check and drug screen.WAGE: The wage is $14.50 an hour.SHIFT: There are various shifts available for temporary job assignments.JOB SITE: The job sites are in Summit County, CO.BENEFITS: There are no benefits.HOW TO APPLY: Apply on-line or call for appointment or apply in person atemployer's office. Must provide I-9 documentation at in-person interview.