SCL Health Behavioral Health Provider LPC in Grand Junction, Colorado

As part of the patient-centered health model at Clinic, thisposition provides integrated behavioral health services to patient currentlyreceiving primary care services within the patient centered medical homemodel. The behavioral health provider will work in an integrated team-basedmodel of care, providing behavioral health consultation to patients in orderto improve psychosocial functioning and health. Responsibilities include:providing assessment, consultation, and brief intervention forpsychological/psychiatric, behavioral, medical problems and/ordisorders; assisting the primary care team in developing care managementprocesses such as the use of guidelines, disease management techniques,case management, and patient education to improve self-management of chronicdiseases. In collaboration with the Behavioral Health program management,the behavioral health provider will also provide orientation,consultation, and ongoing training to pertinent primary care staff as neededin order to strengthen the relationship between primary care and behavioralhealth services and ensure a team-based model of health care delivery. Knowledge of psychological and cognitive and substance abuse assessments. Knowledge of effective psychological interventions for Marillac patients. Must be flexible and productive in an environment that has multipleinterruptions Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively withprimary care staff, patients and other behavioral health clinicians. Must work well with others in a team-based integrated care setting. Understand the relationship between medical and psychological aspects ofhealth and disease. Apply the biopsychosocial model to the primary care setting, anddemonstrate knowledge of pharmacotherapy. Apply population-based healthcare principles; provide services to allpatients (not just those with diagnosed mental health disorders). Demonstrate knowledge of interventions that can be used by members of theprimary care team. Excellent working knowledge of behavioral medicine and evidence-basedtreatment for medical and mental health conditions. Ability to collaborate with medical and dental providers in the treatmentof psychosocial issues. Sensitivity to low income and ethnic minority community a must. *Ability to work in a fast paced primary care clinic. * Promotes mission, vision, and values of Company. * Provide consultation and assistance to medical providers on themanagement of behavioral health concerns in primary care. * Conduct brief screenings to evaluate the needs of adults,adolescents, and children for behavioral health intervention, casemanagement, or ongoing medical, behavioral, mental health or addictiontreatment. Provide referrals for more intensive services where appropriate. * Perform focused assessment and rapid problem identification, use15-to 30-minute visits, limit problem definition and address patients needswith limited follow-up. * Provide short-term behavioral interventions to engage and motivatepatients to actively manage their medical and behavioral health care. Conductfollow-up as appropriate based on assessment and treatment. * Conduct group visits (dual visits with medical providers, medicalgroup visits, and/or self-management groups) which are medically,behaviorally, or skill based. * Provide motivational interviewing to develop behavioral strategiesaimed at symptom reduction. * Participate in ongoing training in behavioral health issues andprovide consultation and training to primary care clinic staff in mentalhealth and behavioral medicine topics including, but not limited tocommunication skills, brief interventions, counseling skills, medicationuse and misuse, substance abuse, health promotion, rehabilitation, andevidence based approaches to self-management support, such as patientcoaching and motivational interviewing * Provide Self-Care Plan development and ski